UltimateDefrag 4 Review

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PROS / Ultimate Defrag offers powerful defragmentation options for advanced users with large hard drives.

CONS / The difficult to use interface found in this program makes it difficult for novice users to use many of the programs featured.

VERDICT / This program provides a range of powerful features but its less than user friendly interface may turn off novice users.

Ultimate Defrag is a complex Windows disk defragmenter software product that offers some powerful features and capabilities for those with advanced knowledge about file systems. While the title of the program may seem out of date, Ultimate Defrag itself has been updated numerous times since its initial launch. After testing Ultimate Defrag there were some novel features found and an interesting graphical map display of drives.

Unfortunately, the interface is perhaps a bit too difficult for novice users and many options require at least moderate knowledge about how hard drives are structured in order to fully use the product optimally. One unique feature is the drive map display, which is shown as a large circular map in the middle of the screen which was very unique among the disk defragmenter software reviewed. The map is easy to read and shows every block on a drive. Also included with Ultimate Defrag is a basic job scheduling option along with online support through a login screen.

The features offered by Ultimate Defrag are numerous but require a fairly in-depth level of file structure knowledge. Luckily there is a basic, automatic mode and a defragment only files mode. However both of these modes are less than optimal and a user would need to fully utilize some of the more complex features to get the full use out of Ultimate Defrag. The interface also makes using some of the features more difficult than might be necessarily.

Once a user becomes acclimated to the interface and options available, Ultimate Defrag does offer some fairly comprehensive features such as file optimization, boot time defragmentation, drive partitioning, and performance based file relocation strategies.

Ultimate Defrag performs very well in conducting defragmentation sessions. It has a moderate to low system footprint which allows it to function well with other programs open during a session. However, there were several instances where Ultimate Defrag stalled and one time it even crashed. Ideally most defragmentation programs should be run without background programs open or running.

This product offers comprehensive defragmentation routines that can both defragment and optimize a hard drive. The program also offers the option of having customized session’s setup with user defined options such as selecting specific files to be defragged and whether to defrag only fragmented files. One problem we found was the program’s lack of boot time defragmentation for 64bit operating systems.

The support offered comes in the form of online customer support that is limited at best. In fact it had one of the most limited support systems among disk defragmenter software reviewed. A future FAQs web page is also being built but was not available at the time of the review. Since the interface of the program is potentially difficult to use, many users would greatly benefit from some type of manual or tutorial. Unfortunately, there was none found on the website or built into the program’s help section.


Ultimate Defrag offers some unique features and an interesting drive map. However, it’s difficult to use interface and complex options make the product less than ideal for novice or causal users. Advanced users will find more use out of the product and will be far better prepared for its intricate option set. Many of the defragmentation features are powerful and can help optimize a hard drive. Unfortunately, the product fails to deliver these features in an easy to use manner. Other disk defragmenter software reviewed manage to deliver these same features with little to no difficulty. This lack of user friendliness makes the product less than acceptable for most users.