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Disk Defragmenter Software Review

Why Buy Disk Defragmenter Software?

Disk defragmenter software has been around since the beginning days of MS-DOS and the earliest versions of Windows. While every version of Windows comes with some type of built in defragmenter application, it is always a good idea to get actual software for the task. Users are seeking better disk defragmenter software than what is currently available in Windows 7, Vista or XP. Now more than ever companies have taken the challenge to produce higher quality defragmenter products such as DiskeeperO&O Defrag and PerfectDisk to keep your system running like new. Also, make sure to check out our learning center articles on disk defragmenter software.

There are two types of software packages available to the average home user. One is a general system utility that offers a sub component for defragmenting a hard drive. The other is stand-alone disk defrag software specifically designed for the task. While system utility suites can save money with their feature rich bundled applications, their defragmenter portion is often lacking in power when compared to stand-alone products.

Fortunately, there are many excellent choices to review among stand-alone disk defragmenter software, many of which have been on the market for years. Disc defragment software such as Diskeeper and PerfectDisk have long histories of successful product lines.

Disk Defragmenter Software: What to Look For

During the review of disk defragmenter software, we looked for the following information:

Each defragmenter product was examined for its comprehensiveness in features. Some products kept their features limited in order to be more user-friendly and focus on the average computer user. Other products have more comprehensive features for advanced users or system administrators. While the types and ranges of features varied per program reviewed, there were generally a few core features sought out for minimal functionality. These core features included basic disk analysis, file optimization, built in help and had a moderately easy to use interface.'

Many of the defragmenter products reviewed offered fast performance, even during Windows sessions with multiple applications open at the same time. Each disk defragmenter application performed well in this area but some were much more proficient and much faster.

Disk Optimization
Another critical area examined was in the ability of each application in this category to optimize a hard drive’s file system. While disk defragmentation is the key feature, most programs also offer enhanced operations that ensured a hard drive will optimally place files in the correct location for quick access. A few pieces of disk defragmenter software reviewed required extensive configuration in order to provide better optimization routines.

Support was another key element in reviewing the disk defragmenter software. Most software offered quick help within the application but not all were extremely helpful. Other programs had more extensive support including online forums and technical support via email. Support can be a critical issue if there are problems found such as lost files or if a computer experiences a power loss during a defragmentation session, potentially leading to data loss.

Depending on a user’s need for defragmentation, there are different products available. Some applications are better suited for casual home use because of their easy to use interface and solid features set. Other disk defragmenter software offer advanced options to help optimize network systems and even hard drive arrays. Some of the latest features found include better support for Windows 64bit versions, solid state drive compatibility and network or remote access support. The top performers offer better overall performance as well as better optimization routines that made running defragmentation sessions less of a chore.